1. Service content

acelimosf.com provides online retail services.

2. Order confirmation

Please check the order information carefully. If there is any error, please contact customer service for correction in time. Changes are not supported after the order is confirmed.

3. Payment method

Support PayPal/credit card payment. Successful payment is deemed as order confirmation.

4. Delivery and transportation

Shipping within 1-5 working days, the express delivery fee is included in the total price. The exact time limit depends on the destination country.

5. Customs matters

This platform bears the customs tax fees.

6. Return and Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with the goods within 7 days of receiving them, you can return them.

7. Dispute Resolution

If you have any disputes, please communicate with us as soon as possible. If it cannot be resolved, you can complain to the relevant department of the destination country.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at support@acelimosf.com